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GST Search by Name

GST Search by Name - Procedure

How to Search GST by Name

Goods and Service Tax is an indirect tax which is levied on the supply of goods and services at every step in the production process. GST is India's biggest tax reform which subsumes indirect taxes like Central Excise Tax, Service Tax Laws, VAT, Octroi, Entry Tax, etc. It is mandatory for businesses to obtain a GST Identification Number. India has adopted a dual GST model wherein both the state and the center levies tax on goods or services or both. The introduction of GST has brought uniformity in the tax system across all states which is proving to be a boon for the Indian economy.

Understanding How to Search GST by Name

Once, you are completed with GST registration, the GST number check can be done by entering the name of the company or by using the initial letters of the organization. The process of finding the GST number just by entering the name of the business is possible as the complete list of the GST numbers of a particular state is produced to the central government.

What is GSTIN?

GSTIN is the abbreviation of Goods and Service Tax Identification Number which is a unique business identification number provided to all taxpayers by the Government of India under the GST Regime. The GST number helps businesses to enjoy credibility of being a registered business.

Procedure to check if a GST number is Valid of Fake:

You can do the GST status check with regards to the return filing. The GST Portal has added a new feature wherein you can check the taxpayer's last 10 GST Return Filing Status which are GSTR3B, GSTR1, TRAN1, etc.

You may also check GSTIN/UIN details and determine if the information is correct:

  1. Legal name of the business.

  2. State Jurisdiction.

  3. Centre Jurisdiction.

  4. The constitution of business (whether it is a Public Limited Company, Partnership firm, Private Limited Company, Co-operative society, Proprietorship, firm, HUF, Limited Liability Partnership, local authority, Association of Persons or Body of Individuals, the Government Company, body of corporate incorporated under the laws of foreign country, artificial juridical person).

  5. Taxpayer Type.

  6. Cancellation Date.

  7. GSTIN / UIN Status.

  8. State.

  9. Date of Registration.

              GST Search by Name - Procedure

              1. Enter the correct name of the business in the Search bar.

              2. You would require to enter at least 10 characters to find the relevant GST number information.

              3. Make sure that the initials of the state are entered along with the characters of the business in order to find the most relevant search result.

              4. The complete list of GST number is provided to the central government.

              The government is taking all measures in order to make it easy for business to register for GST and ensuring to provide all provisions for businesses to go digital.

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