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What is Gumasta License?

If you are starting a new business, lets say you will need a important licence, which is Shop act Licence or it is called as Gumasta License . Basically in India when you start any type of the business with physical shop then business requires the Shop Act Licence/Gumasta license from your state authority.

Gumasta License was introduced to look after the employee's rights and another establishment in the jurisdiction. It is necessary to apply for Gumasta while establishing a shop, hotel or any other commercial place. It also helps to regulate the betterment of employee such as in which condition does he works, payment, rules and provide maximum benefits for the employees.

The shop and establishment registration should contain following details such as name of the employer and manager, name of establishment, nature of business, number of workers and such other details as may be prescribed. The Facilitator shall issue to the employer of such Shop establishment a receipt of intimation in such form and manner as may be prescribed.

Shop Act Registration Process

As per new rules of the Shop Act Registration, get instant Gumasta License with 3 simple online steps at LegalDocs.

  • Step 1. Application: Shop-act Form Fillup the form as per Shop Act of particular state.
  • Step 2. Submit Documents: Upload required documents like Identity proof, address proof, establishment proof (Photo of owner with Shop/ establishment Hoarding).
  • Step 3. Scrutiny and Approval: Reply to queries raised by office and get digitally signed Shop Act License with LegalDocs. LegalDocs help and consult for Application documentation and approval from concerned authorities. We offer three Easy Steps to get Online Shop Act Licence.


Step 1 of 4

Drafting, Payment and Document Upload

Our Team will consult you and help you with the drafting and Documents

Action Required by you

You need to fill up the simple form by logging in on LegalDocs website, make the payment after drafting. Upon Sucessful payment Document Upload section will be visible to the customer.

Action By Legaldocs

Legaldocs will Provide you free of cost consultation on eligibility, Documentation and Drafting

Application Submission

Application Will Be Processed once documents and details are confirmed from our end

Action Required by you

You just sitback and relax

Action By Legaldocs

We'll work hard on the application and Submit it to Shop and Establishment Department

Application Scrutiny

Application will be checked by Labor Department in terms of proper documents and details.

Action Required by you

Just sitback and Relax

Action By Legaldocs

We'll Follow up on the Application and Resolve queries Raised by Labor Department


Congratulations, your Shop and Establishment Registration is sucessful.

Action Required by you

Congratulations, You can start you business without any Objection From Labor Department.

Action By Legaldocs

LegalDocs Will share a Link for your Review and Suggestion

Documents required for Shop Act Licence or Gumasta License

Documents required for Gumasta License online vary from state to state but generally following documents are required.

  • Name of the employer and the manager, if any;
  • The postal address of the Shop or establishment;
  • The name, if any, of the establishment;
  • The category of the establishment, i.e. whether it is a Shop, commercial establishment, residential hotel, restaurant, eating house, theatre or other place of public amusement or entertainment
  • Actual photo of the establishment with the signboard
AadharPassport SizePhoto of owner with Shop

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Are you Ready to Grow your Business?

Shop Act Licence Renewal Process

Gumasta license renewal online can be done online easily through LegalDocs.

  • For Gumasta Renewal all you have to do is logon to the website LegalDocs.
  • Provide your information and documents online to our expert
  • Get your licence delivered to your home.

Government shop act licence fees and charges are different for different states and government procedure is also different.For example, in Maharashtra Gumasta renewal procedure is scrapped and new Gumasta license online are issued with lifetime validity.

What is Shop and Establishment Act?

Shops and establishment act also known as Shop Act, is an act which regulates the working conditions at all Shops and commercial establishments operating in a state.It is implemented by state governments and have different amendments in different states.

What is Shop act registration?

Every Shop and commercial establishment conducting a business in a state needs to register with the state government under Shop act before commencing a business.An inspector appointed by the labour department of the state will check the necessary conditions under the act and then issue a certificate of Shop act registration to the employer which has to be displayed in the Shop. It is also called as shop act licence.Department of Labour of state government handles all the registrations under this act.

Key Features of the NewShop Act Licence?

Hours of operation

Certain businesses in Maharashtra may now stay open 24/7. This includes movie theaters, restaurants, financial institutions, medical practices, and retail outlets. The Act excludes any establishment which sells alcohol or cigarettes from remaining open passed existing deadlines.

Working hours for women

The Act allows female workers the ability to work work passed 9:30pm so long as their employer provides safe transportation from the work site to their residence. Protection of women – The Act prohibits the discrimination of women workers in matters of recruitment, training, promotion, and wages. Generally, women workers will be required to work only between 7 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. In emergencies, women may choose to work beyond these hours, provided the work space is safe and transport is made available for her to commute back to her residence.

Protection of women

The Act prohibits the discrimination of women workers in matters of recruitment, training, promotion, and wages. Generally, women workers will be required to work only between 7 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. In emergencies, women may choose to work beyond these hours, provided the work space is safe and transport is made available for her to commute back to her residence.

Over time

The working hours for employees will not exceed nine hours per day and 48 hours per week. Otherwise, the employer must pay employees double their regular wages as over time.

Holidays and leave

The Act specifies that workers are eligible to eight casual leaves (CLs), and can accumulate 45 days of paid leave during a year. The establishment will declare eight days as paid festival holidays, including four national holidays. The other four festival holidays may be mutually agreed between the establishment and its workers.

Welfare of workers

The law makes it mandatory for the establishment to ensure adequate arrangements are made for the health and safety of workers. Cleanliness, hygiene, ventilation, and lighting also come under the definition of safety of workers.

What is Commercial Establishment according to Shop Act?

Commercial establishment means an establishment which carries on, any business, trade or profession or any work in connection with, or incidental or ancillary to, any business, trade or profession and includes establishment of any legal practitioner, medical practitioner, architect, engineer, accountant, tax consultant or any other technical or professional consultant and also includes a society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1866 (XXI of 1860), and a charitable or other trust, whether registered or not, which carries on whether for purposes of gain or not any business, trade or profession or work in connection with or incidental or ancillary thereto but does not include a factory, Shop, residential hotel, restaurant, eating house, theatre or other place of public amusement or entertainment.

Gumasta FAQs

Does new business require Shop Act licence ?

Yes, Shop Act registration is made necessary for every business. It is necessary to make Shop act licence for a new business within a time specified by the state government before starting the business.

How to do Shop Act License Renewal Online?

Shop Act Licence Renewal Online can be done online easily through LegalDocs.

How to do Shop act registration near me?

Open the website, provide your name,email-ID and phone number, consult with our experts and get it done from the comfort of your home.

Where is Shop Act registration office?

Application for Shop act can be done only online in maximum number of states, so there is no need to visit any government office.

How to check Shop act registration status online?

You can check status of your application on website of department of labour of particular state.

Where can i find Shop act licence online agent?

LegalDocs provides the best online service for Shop act registration and you won’t have to deal with the unreliable and uncooperative agents.

Who are the best Shop Act licence online consultants?

LegalDocs is a company which has over 50000+ satisfied customers and we have best consultants for Shop act licence.

What is Shop act helpline number/contact number?

You can consult with our expert on +91 9137164494.

Where can i get Shop act information?

You can get all the information about Shop act registration in India on or you can consult with our experts for your individual queries.

How to get Gumasta License form online?

You can visit and consult with an expert on phone, submit the documents online and get your Gumasta lIcense done.

Is there any difference between Shop Act licence & Gumasta licence?

There is no difference between Shop Act & Gumasta licence, Gumasta is a persian word which is known as agent in english.

Validity of the Shop Act Registration?

Shop act registration has lifetime Validity.

What are Documents Required for Gumasta Licence?

Please visit our Documents section. Detailed list has been shared.

How to do online gumasta registration?

You have to login on the official Municipal Corporation IN Mumbai, Fill up the Complete Form and Pay the Fee & Put the Challan Number, a Unique UTN will be generated at the end & print out the final Form, Go to Gumasta office and Submit application with all the relevant documents which is mentioned above, Once all the Formalities are done, Inspector will check and verify the Docs and issued the Final Certification.

How to track application processing/ How to check status for the Gumasta License Online?

Visit the nearest municipal office or use the online facility “Check Status” provided on Citizen Portal in order to keep track of your application. Unique Application No. (also called as Transaction ID) is essential in order to use this facility.

What is Shop & Establishment Act License?

An establishment is defined as Shop, a commercial establishment needs to be registered,if we have started a business in a premise we need to apply for a Shop & Establishment Act License.

Who all needs Shop Act license?

It is necessary to have a Shop Act license for each and every shop in Maharashtra, the necessity of having a shop act can differ as per the state shop act rules. For example, Shops, Commercial Establishment, Residential Hotels, Restaurants, Theatres etc.

Is there any difference between Shop Act & Gumastha License?

There is no difference between Shop Act & Gumastha License, Gumastha is a persian word which is known as agent in english.

Can I get my Shop Act license in Maharashtra without Aadhar card?

Aadhar card is a mandatory document while applying for shop act license.

Time required to get Shop Act license?

It depends on the period you submit your documents and when it will be set by the service provider, it might take maximum 7 working days or it can delay some or the other time.

What are the documents required for Shop Act license?

The major required documents are Pan Card, Aadhar Card, Electricity bill, 2 photographs, Signature of applicant on Form A, B, and C, Company registration certificate, MOA or AOA partnership deed, Copy of old Shop Act License.

A small shop without any worker shop act licence is necessary or not?

Any commercial establishment, Small or Large, self employed or professional hires, has to registre register for Shop Act Registration also known as Gumasta Registration


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