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Guidelines for choosing your Company Name

  • Identical or Similar
  • The name which you choose should not be identical or similar to the existing names neither by words nor phonetically. In case and such name is found, it can be considered as an offense. A name should contain a noun and an activity word that reflects the business which is carried. Company name search procedure helps you to avoid such mistakes.

  • Trademark
  • The applicant is requested to do a Trademark search to ensure that the name which is chosen by a firm does not exist. This process avoids duplication.

  • Choose relevant name
  • A name should consist following do’s and don’ts:


    • A word which gives a glimpse idea about the company should be mentioned.
    • A name should be unique to avoid duplication or offense.
    • In the case of PVT LTD, the name should have this abbreviation at the end.


    • A name should not be offensive.
    • The plural version of any existing name will not be applicable.
    • Separating and joining different name to make similar can be considered as one company.
    • The usage of different tense or number will not be counted as another name.

  • Block your domain name
  • It is necessary for an applicant to make a different domain name, therefore you should block your domain name to avoid duplication.

  • Regulatory approval
  • A company name which includes the words like insurance, bank, stock exchange, venture capital, asset management, mutual fund, etc may require regulatory approvals from RBI, SEBI, IRDAI, etc.

  • Authorized capital
  • Company names that include words like International, Globe, Continental, Asiatic, Asia, Industries, Udyog, Hindustan,India, Bharat, enterprises, products, business, etc should have a minimum authorized capital of Rs.5 lakhs and above.

How to Check Company Name Availability

Following are the steps to Check Company Name Availability Online

  • Enter your company name and click on “Search”.
  • The details on the screen will be displayed in three different ways:
    • First case
    • In case you get less than three results, then the message of “High Probability” will be shown, which means there is a huge possibility to get the approval from the government for your company name.

    • Second case
    • While searching for the company name, if the message is displayed as “Moderate Probability” then there are 50% chances for your company name approval.

    • Third case
    • In case more than 8 results are displayed then the message of “Low Probability” will be shown. Here there are very chances for the approval of your company. In such a case, you should choose some other name.

Different types of Company Incorporation

Limited Liability Partnership Private Limited Company One Person Company
4000 (Govt Fees as per actuals) 4500 (Govt Fees as per Actuals) 4250 (Govt Fees as per Actuals)
A perfect Way to Secure your personal assets, LLP’s are flexible and have lesser compliances also 100% FDI is allowed in Indian Markets for LLP’s Only Private Limited Companies Can Raise Venture Capital, the conventional way for startups and growing businesses to raise Fundings. Better Credit Rating, Single owner, seamless benefits under income tax and easy funding options from venture capital firms

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Accounting FAQs

What is “Name of a Company”?

The name of a company is an identity or a title by which your business is recognized. The name of the company should be different, as a similar name of a company cannot exist.

How the name of the company should be?

The name of a company should be unique and different by words even phonetically. It is suggested that a company should not copy any other existing name.

How to search company name online?

The company name search can be done easily by visiting LegalDocs website.

Is it possible to apply for Company name online?

Yes, you can apply for company name online, with very minimal steps.

Why company name search is required?

The major reason for the company name search is to avoid duplication and avoid any offense against the companies law .

Who approves the companies name?

The companies name is approved by the ROC (Registrar of the company).


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