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What is a Name Change Affidavit

There can be several reasons for changing the name of an individual such as name change after marriage, changing caste or religion, modification etc. In some cases, it is also possible that the person needs to include any letter in their name, or surname change etc.

The applicant should apply with all the documents which are asked. This affidavit helps in changing the name of a candidate.

Process of making Living Will

The most important question which occurs is “How to make a will?”

You can create your own Living Will in few simple steps:


Fill the details in the form provided by us.


Choose E- stamping for delivery option


Online Affidavit is prepared


Receive a delivery from our end


Print the content on a legal paper to make it legally valid


Divorce papers (If any)


Age proof (Birth certificate if minor)

Documents Required For Change Name affidavit

  • Address proof - Electricity bill, Water bill, rent agreement.
  • Photo - A passport size photo is required.r
  • Marriage certificate (If any)
  • Affidavits (If any)
  • Divorce papers (If any)
  • Age proof (Birth certificate if minor)

When to use the name change affidavit

    If you want to apply for a passport, visa, job or for any other purpose you need to verify your citizenship. If you have changed your name then an affidavit of the name change is the major evidence of your identity. We offer different type of name change online affidavits format.

    The major conditions might be name change after marriage, Name Difference, Name mismatch, change name in school records, surname change, spelling change etc.

Benefits of a name change Affidavit

  • You can choose the future owner as per your wish which creates peace of mind for yourself.
  • Protects your assets or property.
  • Helps creating ease in your loved ones’ life.
  • Can show a clear cut idea about your wishes and what you exactly want after your death.
  • Reduce inheritance tax.

Name Change Affidavit Format

  • Name
  • Age
  • Address
  • Earlir Name
  • New Name
  • Date of change of Name
  • Signature Of The Applicant

Name Change FAQs

Why would a name change petition be denied?

A petition would be denied if you were changing your name to avoid judgments, legal actions, debts or obligations.

What are the basic legal requirements for a name change?

Residency: Most states require residency in the province and state for a specific time preceding documenting the activity (frequently no less than a half year).Legitimate grounds: A man cant change their name to dupe some other individual. Ward: An activity for name change must be documented in the correct court, which is normally in the candidates province of living arrangement.

How is a name change for a minor be different from an adult name change?

When a name change is sought for a minor, any parent or adult who retains parental or custodial rights over a minor has a right to be notified and must provide consent or a waiver of consent to legal actions regarding the minor. The general rule is that both parents must consent to a name change for a minor. As a result, there could be controversy over whether the minor’s name should be changed, and a hearing in front of a judge is likely. Ultimately as stated above, the judge will decide what is in the best interest of the child. Therefore, the reason for the change should be significant, such as adoption or bringing a stepchild into a family.

When does a name change go into effect?

It depends but it might take maximum 20 - 30 days.

What if I want to take my husband’s name? How do I make the change?

Change your name on all of your identification, accounts and important documents. To change some of your identification papers (your Social Security card, for example) you will need a certified copy of your marriage certificate.

How do I legally change my last name back to my maiden name following a divorce?

If you wish to return to your former last name after a divorce, the legal document which permits you to do to so is the divorce decree. It is recommended that during your divorce proceedings you specifically request the judge handling your case to make a formal ruling restoring your former or birth name in the divorce decree to ensure that your last name change is properly documented.

How do I change my name after a marriage?

Kindly fill the name change online Name Change after marriage form, which is available on our website and follow the process.

Can a man do name change after marriage?

Yes, he will have to go through the legal name change process.

What are different types of name change format?

Name can be changed in several conditions after marriage, Name Difference, Name mismatch, change name in school records, surname change, spelling change etc.

Where can I get Name Change Application form?

Go to LegalDocs website and there you can find name change application form. You just have fill the basic information and experts at LegalDocs will take care of everything.

How to change name?

Please see the procedure mentioned above to know about how to change name.

Do you need Name Change for change of name for passport name change?

Yes. It is required to have Name Change for change of name for passport name change.

Do you need name change Name Change for birth certificate name change?

Yes. You need name change Name Change for birth certificate name change.

How to change your name?

Please see the procedure mentioned above to know about how to change name.


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