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What is a Name Change Affidavit

There can be several reasons for changing the name of an individual such as name change after marriage, changing caste or religion, modification etc. In some cases, it is also possible that the person needs to include any letter in their name, or surname change etc.

The applicant should apply with all the documents which are asked. This affidavit helps in changing the name of a candidate.

Process of making Living Will

The most important question which occurs is “How to make a will?”

You can create your own Living Will in few simple steps:


Fill the details in the form provided by us.


Choose E- stamping for delivery option


Online Affidavit is prepared


Receive a delivery from our end


Print the content on a legal paper to make it legally valid


Divorce papers (If any)


Age proof (Birth certificate if minor)

Documents Required For Change Name affidavit

  • Address proof - Electricity bill, Water bill, rent agreement.
  • Photo - A passport size photo is required.r
  • Marriage certificate (If any)
  • Affidavits (If any)
  • Divorce papers (If any)
  • Age proof (Birth certificate if minor)

When to use the name change affidavit

    If you want to apply for a passport, visa, job or for any other purpose you need to verify your citizenship. If you have changed your name then an affidavit of the name change is the major evidence of your identity. We offer different type of name change online affidavits format.

    The major conditions might be name change after marriage, Name Difference, Name mismatch, change name in school records, surname change, spelling change etc.

Benefits of a name change Affidavit

  • You can choose the future owner as per your wish which creates peace of mind for yourself.
  • Protects your assets or property.
  • Helps creating ease in your loved ones’ life.
  • Can show a clear cut idea about your wishes and what you exactly want after your death.
  • Reduce inheritance tax.

Name Change Affidavit Format

  • Name
  • Age
  • Address
  • Earlir Name
  • New Name
  • Date of change of Name
  • Signature Of The Applicant

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