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How to renew Gumasta License online

How to renew Gumasta License online?

Gumasta License Renewal

When an individual aspires to commence business operation in any part of the country, acquiring a registration under the Shops and Establishment Act is essential. While each state in India has their own specific issues relating to it, each state has also issued their own state-specific shops and establishment act. For any type of business to have a physical presence in India, registration is provided under the provisions of this state-specific act by the local authority, which is primarily the Municipal Corporation. One such state governing these registrations in Maharashtra. Gumasta license is one such registration certificate that is issued by the Bombay Shops and Establishment Act in Mumbai. The application process is looked after by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

Irrespective of the turnover of the business, all businesses require this registration if the employees working in the business organization are 10 or more than 10. The registration is an essential proof of legal entity for a shop, firm, or business. Moreover, it gives the employer the right to pursue business. Many banks consider this registration as a prerequisite for opening business bank accounts. While the government tries to maintain records through this registration, the registration is usually issued for a period of one year. It can be issued for a longer period after the prescribed fee is paid in this regard. Once the time period of registration is over, it requires a renewal. To continue business operations legally, renewal of Gumasta is as important as its registration.

When to get Gumasta License Renewed:

The Gumasta License granted under the sub-section (2) of the Bombay Shops and Establishment Act, 1948 are valid for a period of one year. An application has to be filed for its renewal which shall be submitted within 15 days before the date of expiry of the registration certificate or the renewed registration certificate (if the registration has previously been renewed. This has to be accompanied with a fee prescribed in the Act.

In case the application for renewal of registration is submitted late i.e. after the expiry of the registration period, but within thirty days after the expiry date, the late fee is charged for issue of the renewed registration certificate. This late fee or additional fee amounts to half of the fee payable for the renewal of a registration certificate or of the renewed registration certificate (as the case may be).

Sometimes, the registration certificate is granted or previously renewed for a period of three years. This happens at the option of the employer notwithstanding with anything contained in the subsections of the Act. The renewal is granted after the payment of the prescribed fee that is equivalent to three years at a time. Once the fee is paid, the new registration certificate is then renewed for a period of three years at a time, including the year in which the registration is renewed.

In case the inspector has doubts or difference in the opinion of the employer regarding the category to which the business belongs, at the time of renewal of the Gumasta license, the matter has to be referred to the prescribed authority by the Inspector. An inquiry is conducted and the category of the establishment is decided. The decision taken here is final and binding for all purposes of the Act.

Any change in the particulars provided at the time of issue of Gumasta License must be communicated to the Inspector. It is the duty of the employer to do so after the change has taken place. Once the Inspector is satisfied with the correctness of the details provided thereof, a fresh registration certificate or an amended registration certificate is issued.

Documents Required to begin the Renewal Process Online:

Since the renewal application is made online, it is always better to get the documents that have to be attached with the application for renewal scanned. The following documents must be kept ready in hand:

  • Document for premises of shop or establishment.

  • A self-declaration that has to be prepared in the format given on the webpage.

  • A self-declaration has to be prepared for attestation, in the format given on the webpage.

  • An undertaking in the format prescribed.

  • A soft copy of the photographs of the employer.

  • A digital signature of the employer.

  • Proof of identity of the applicant that may be in the form of a driving license, passport, Aadhar card, PAN card.

  • Address proof of the business premises.

  • Copy of fee receipt that is paid (it is required only for old users).

It is important to note here that all the documents attached as annexures must be of the file size 75KB to 100 KB. The Photograph file size has to be of 20 KB to 30 KB and the digital signature should be of the file size 9KB to 15 KB.

Renewal Process for Gumasta License Online:

once you share all these documents with the legaldocs executive, we’ll start the renewal process of the license.

Please check your license fits the following criteria :

  1. It should be within expiry period.

  2. All the Documents mentioned above should be handy.

  3. Old Licence copy is also required. .

New Gumasta Rules for Mumbai(BMC) :

  1. No Need of Gumasta License for upto 9 employees

  2. Gumasta is applicable for businesses having more than 9 employees at the premises

So now If you want to create current account you can either have MSME Registration or GST Registration. Both can be used as your proof of proprietorship. All of these services can be provided by legaldocs, and all these services will be offered doorstep.

Are you looking for Gumasta License Renewal in India?

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