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Get Offline Business Online

Get your Offline Business Online and make it Digital

Soon after Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on March 24, announced a complete lockdown in the country, several online and offline businesses either shut their operations temporarily or limited their services.

On the backdrop of the 21-day lockdown announced by the Central government and self-imposed quarantine in many homes in urban India, there have been significant ups and downs in many businesses across the country. With Coronavirus rapidly crawling into the skin of humanity in India and across the globe, businesses are most likely to be severely impacted in the near term as the government has ordered a complete shutdown of malls, shops, etc.

In that case, many businesses have to stop their services which are purely running offline and due to that, their revenue generation process almost gets stopped. But at the same time some offline business owners use the right strategy and use proper planning and save their business or we can say grow their business by taking it online. Due to lockdown many offline businesses are getting upgraded to online, making themself digitized, and properly running it.

Here we try to explain some points that help you to improve your online presence.

Improve your Online Presence

Make a list detailing every single asset you already have that you can use for your online business. Here are a few examples:  

  • A website for your business 

  • Social media sites  





  • A list of email addresses 

  • A list of street addresses 

  • A list of phone numbers  

Identify your Target Customer 

Knowing who exactly you’re hoping to sell to will make finding them online infinitely easier. And lucky for you, if you already have a customer base with your offline business, you likely have a good idea of who your target persona might be. 

If you don’t have a distinct customer base, the best way to identify it is to talk to real customers. Ask customers to chat with you for 20–30 minutes. Ask them what their primary goals and obstacles are, and how they use your business. Once you start to see similarities you’re ready. Use what you learn to create a target person that represents your audience. 

Start Building Your Online Audience

Start building your email list or start building a following on social media. Which one you choose is up to you, but consider the answers you got in your user personal surveys. 

If your audience says they’re not checking their emails or that marketing messages go straight to spam, you might be better on social media. On the other hand, if your audience doesn’t hang out on social media, opt to focus on your email list. 

When you build your online business around your audience, You can expect a certain percentage of people on your list to sign up for your product. So to grow your business, you need to grow a healthy list of people interested in your product.

We recommend all business customers and all offline business owners to take your business online, make it digital and grow it in this lockdown period.

Use of Business Software

Business software is important for all businesses. There are many business software you can use to grow the business. Use of business software like WhatsApp business, Paytm, google pay, IndiaMART. In that software, EZO helps in invoicing, billing, payment collecting, etc.

Use EZO and make your business grow, Download EZO here

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