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Jaivik Bharat

Jaivik Bharat - FSSAI Certification

What is the Jaivik Bharat ?

The Indian Market is flooded with new organic products coming up everyday. With the increase in production and demand for organic products, the authenticity and genuineness of the product becomes a matter of concern. 

Considering this situation, The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) in December 2017, introduced the Jaivik Bharat logo to help customers identify authentic organic food. Any Product with the Jaivik Bharat Logo claims to meet all the norms and requirements of organic farming.

Jaivik Bharat Logo

  • The Jaivik Bharat logo bears a circle, leaf and a tick mark. 

  • The circle represents global holistic wellness, the leaf represents nature, and the tick mark denotes the product as FSSAI certified.

  • The unified logo is an identity mark to distinguish organic food products from non-organic ones supported with the tagline “Jaivik Bharat” at the bottom, which signifies Organic Food from India.

Which food products can be labelled as ‘Organic ‘? 

 Under NPOP system:  In case of a single ingredient product where all requirements have been met as per the specified standards can be labelled as ‘Organic’. 

In the case of multi ingredient products where min. 95\\% of ingredients are of certified origin, and can be labelled as ‘Certified Organic’. 

Under PGS-India system: 

 In case of a single ingredient product where all requirements have been met, may be labelled as ‘PGS- Organic’.  

In case of multi ingredient products where min. 95\\% of ingredients are organic, it may be labelled as ‘PGS- Organic’.

How to get Jaivik Bharat Certification?

In order to get Organic Certified, you need to follow the below mentioned procedure:

  1. Get your product FSSAI certified. Apply for FSSAI Registration here.

  2. Depending on your product wither apply for ‘NPOP’or ‘PGS-India’

  3. An agent will review your application and decide whether your product stands as per the guidelines for authentication and are in compliance with regulations and standards.

  4. The inspection of the site will be arranged by him.

  5. The remaining process will be provided with a label after satisfaction

Jaivik Bharat Portal

The FSSAI in collaboration with the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) and Participatory Guarantee System for India (PGS-India) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has also built a web-portal to consolidate all the information in form of “Indian Organic Integrity DataBase”, to help consumers verify the authenticity of organic food. Through this portal, consumers can access information about the producer, the certification system and the availability of certified organic products.The Organic Food products may be searched by name of the food and by the name of the company as well.

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