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FoSCoS FSSAI Website

FoSCoS FSSAI Government Website

FSSAI launched Food Safety Compliance System (“FoSCoS”) on 1st June 2020 replacing the existing online registration system of FLRS.– is the official government FSSAI Website for Food safety and compliance related registration system.
Lets know in detail about the FoSCoS FSSAI Website Homepage.

FoSCoS FSSAI Website Homepage

The home page of the FoSCoS FSSAI website is as follows

The top of the home page provides two search bars as shown in the screenshot below:

1. Standardized Food Products

2. Eligibility of your Food Business

Below the search bars are the buttons for 

1.   View all FSSAI standardized Food Products

By clicking on ‘View all FSSAI standardized Food Products’ the food category name, food sub-category name, product name, and FSSR number can be seen.  

2.   Clubbing of Variants of Products

When clicked on ‘Clubbing of Variants of Products’, it opens a PDF file containing the list of Standardized Food Products having variants.

3.   View all Eligibility Criteria Details

This button opens the PDF containing the table of the kind of business, its criteria, type of license/ registration for the business and fee per annum.

Next on the Homepage we have the following buttons (Also shown on the Screenshot below)

1.   Track Application

2.   Know Your Officer

3.   FBO Search

4.   How To Apply

5.   Application Processing 

A.      Track Application Option

When clicked on the ‘Track Application’ option, it asks to enter the Application Reference Number and the Captcha Code in the home page itself. By entering the Application Reference Number and the Captcha Code, the FSSAI Application can be tracked.

B.      Know Your Officer

The ‘Know Your Officer’ option asks to select the State and District from the dropdown list. Once, the State and District are selected, and the ‘Enter’ button is clicked, the details of the Officer Name of the jurisdiction, his designation, office email and type is displayed on the home page.

C.  FBO Search

Any FBO can be searched by clicking the ‘FBO Search’ button and then entering the details of Company Name, License/Registration Number and Captcha Code in the box provided and lastly clicking the ‘Search’ button.

D.      How to Apply

The ‘How to Apply’ option on the home page provides the steps for applying for the FSSAI license/registration.

Want to Apply for a Food License?

You can apply for a food license by simple 3 step procedure with easy process and documentation.

  Apply FSSAI License 

E.       Application Processing

The ‘Application Processing’ option on the home page shows the stages of processing of FSSAI application by the Licensing/Registration Authority

The home page also has the ‘Apply License’, ‘Apply for Registration Certificate’, ‘Modification of License and Registration’, and ‘Renewal of License and Registration’ tabs at the bottom of the home page (below the above mentioned five options/buttons) through which the users can apply or modify their license/registration.

The Homepage ends with details of Latest FSSAI/FoSCoS related announcements, Help Topics/FAQs and Help desk details (In case of any queries)

Want to Apply for a Food License?

You can apply for a food license by simple 3 step procedure with easy process and documentation.

  Apply FSSAI License 

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