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Food License in Mumbai

How to Get Food License in Mumbai

How to Get Food License in Mumbai

A melting pot of cultures, Mumbai is a one-stop destination for all kinds of restaurants ranging from street food to hotels. Subsequently, a large number of Mumbaikars are into the food and catering business. In order to start a food joint, one would first have to obtain a food license in mumbai after going through the FSSAI registration process. This is mandatory in order to carry out the food business legally and to ensure that the food is safe and wholesome for human consumption.

What is FSSAI registration?

FSSAI’s full name is Food Safety and Security Authority of India. FSSAI registration is the registration of entities that want to open eatery joints. They receive a 14-digit number which has to be printed on the label of food items while packaging. The license obtained after successful FSSAI registration signifies that the food is of good quality and has no adulteration.

Who is eligible?

Any individual or entity in Mumbai involved in the manufacture, distribution, storage, marketing or selling of edible items has to comply with the rules and regulations of the FSSAI and go for an FSSAI license procedure to obtain a food license in Maharashtra.  

Is it compulsory to have a food license in Mumbai?

FSSAI is the supreme authority that has set a food security standard to be followed by every food handler. So, it is mandatory for all food handlers to go through the FSSAI license procedure.

What are the documents required for FSSAI registration?

The following are the required FSSAI license documents:

  • Completed and signed Form B

  • Photo of the owner

  • Certification of Incorporation or Partnership Deed

  • List of food products to be dealt with

  • Proof of possession of premises (rental bill/utility bill)

Steps of the Online FSSAI Registration Process

·         Make sure you have an active phone number.
·         Log onto the FSSAI portal using your username and password.
·         Select Form A and fill in your details correctly.
·         After checking, click the ‘Submit’ button.
·         You will receive a unique reference number on your phone to track your application.
·         Make a demand draft of the specified amount for the FSSAI registration process.
·         Print out the application form

Offline FSSAI License Procedure

You may visit the FSSAI registration office and laboratory in Mumbai for food license in Maharashtra and in order to get the quality of food tested. The registration office is located in Bandra (E), Mumbai and the laboratory is at Mumbai Central. You can contact the registration office either through their phone number or e-mail.

When is the food license in Mumbai issued?

After signing up on the FSSAI portal, uploading the documents required for FSSAI registration, and acceptance of the documents by DO, you will receive an SMS and e-mail at every step until the license is generated. The DO takes 15 days for scrutiny from the day of final submission of application.

When is the license cancelled?

Food license in Maharashtra may be cancelled under the following conditions:

  • Critical violation of the guidelines issued by FSSAI, resulting in an adverse impact on the health of consumers.

  • Outbreak of diseases and food poisoning due to poor food quality.

  • Food license in Mumbai will be cancelled if the food handler has a history of not meeting the food security standards and continues with his aberrant practices.

Registration is completely hassle-free through food consultants in Mumbai. We at LegalDocs offer free FSSAI License consultation from experts and FSSAI registration. So, contact us right away for quick and easy FSSAI registration.

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