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FSSAI License Documents

What are the Documents Required for FSSAI Registration?

Documents required for FSSAI Registration and State License

FSSAI Registration, a mandatory compliance is enforced to ensure that the food products manufactured are safe for consumption by the consumers. It is a food safety certificate issued by the food authority in India. Established under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is an autonomous body which is formed under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. It has been made mandatory by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India for food business operators/food businesses to obtain the FSSAI License to ensure compliance with the regulations prescribed under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. The FSSAI License is issued after a series of inspection and quality checks on the food products, location where the food products are prepared and packaged and hygiene standards. These quality checks at various levels improves accountability of the manufacturers and ensures all instances of adulteration and sub-standardization are prevented.

Types of FSSAI License are as follows:

A Food Business Operator (FBO) is required to obtain the food license upon exceeding a particular turnover. The type of food license to be obtained depends on the scale of the business and the type of the business activity the food business operator is involved in. Only after submitting the documents required for FSSAI license, the application would be considered by the government authority. There are three types of FSSAI License:

(1) FSSAI Basic Registration:

Small businesses or startups which have an annual turnover below Rs. 12 Lakhs are required to do the FSSAI basic registration.

(2) FSSAI State License:

The FSSAI State License has to be obtained by mid-sized companies which have an annual turnover between Rs. 12 Lakhs to rs. 20 Crores.

(3) FSSAI Central License:

Large businesses which have an annual turnover above Rs. 20 Crores are required to obtain the FSSAI Central License. Large businesses need to obtain the FSSAI Central License in case such businesses are required to supply food products at government offices or have to import / export food products.

Those businesses that are involved in handling the food/food products are required to obtain the FSSAI Registration/License after correctly producing the FSSAI documents of relevance. The FSSAI license documents are required to be checked and correct information must be provided which would help the food business to be eligible after the food quality and premise inspection are done.

Important documents required for FSSAI Registration are as follows:

Food retailers or food business operators are the main recipients for FSSAI Registration. They need to submit the FSSAI License Documents in order to obtain the FSSAI License. The relevant documents required for FSSAI License are as follows:

  1. Photo ID of the Food Business Operator.
  2. Identity Proof Documents such as Ration Card, Department Issued ID, PAN Card, Passport, Senior Citizen Card, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter ID Card
  3. Supporting documents such as No Objection Certificate by Municipality/Panchayat, Health NOC.

Following are the documents required for FSSAI License for State:

1. Duly completed and Signed Form-B (in duplicate) by the proprietor or partner or authorized signatory.

2. Processing unit blueprint/layout plan showing dimensions in metres/square metres and operation-wise area allocation. This is mandatory for manufacturing and processing units only.

3. Full address and contact details of the list of Directors/Partners/Executive Members of Society/Trust.

4. Equipments and Machinery name and list along with number, installed capacity and horsepower used. This mandatory for processing and manufacturing units onl.

5. Government Authority issued Identity and Address Proof for Proprietor/Partner/Director(s)/Authorized Signatory.

6. List of food category the business intends to manufacture. (in case of manufacturers).

7. Authority letter which includes the name and address, responsible person nominated by the manufacturer along with alternative responsible person indicating the powers vested with them viz assisting the officers in inspections, collection of samples, packing and dispatch (for manufacturers/processors).

8. A recognized/public health laboratory issued Analysis Report (Chemical and Bacteriological) of water to be used as ingredient in food. This is mandatory only for manufacturing and processing units.

9. Proof of premises possession. (Sale Deed/Rent Agreement/Electricity Bill, etc.)

10. Certificate or plan of Food Safety Management.

11. Copy and certificate obtained under Coop-1861 or Multi State Cooperative Act - 2002 in case of cooperatives.

12. Affidavit of Proprietorship or Partnership Deed or Memorandum and Articles of Association towards the constitution of the firm (optional) - (a) FSSAI Self-Declaration for Partnership.

13. Source of raw material for meat and meat processing plants.

14. In case of units manufacturing packaged drinking water, packaged mineral water and/or carbonated water, the pesticide residues report of water from a recognized public health laboratory must be produced.

15. No Objection Certificate (NOC) or a copy of License from the manufacturer (mandatory for re-labelers and repackers only) - (a) Declaration and Undertaking System Plan or Certificate.

16. In case of Milk and Milk Products processing, the business must produce the source of milk or procurement plan for milk including the exact location of milk collection centres.

17. Certificate from the Ministry of Tourism.

18. No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Municipality or local body.

19. Recall plan wherever applicable.

20. Form IX - Nomination of Persons by a Company along with the Board Resolution.

21. Self Declaration of number of vehicles - for transporters.

22. The declaration form - from Delhi or Himachal Pradesh.

These are the documents required for FSSAI License. The same must be carefully checked before submitting the application. You can read our blog on How to get FSSAI certificate to know about the process in detail.

It has become very important for food business operators, be it small or medium sized food business to obtain the FSSAI License in order to efficiently run the business. In order to obtain the FSSAI License, businesses have to submit the correct documents related to the food business after which the business would be issued the FSSAI Registration License.

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