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Features of GST Software

Features of GST Software

5 Must Have Features of GST Software

It took more than a year to adopt GST by the people of India, somewhere they started to understand the importance of GST but some new things got implemented, such as tax filing and managing accounts. Most of the business was not able to understand the concept of filing. Even though they tried to understand, but they did not have enough time to look after it. After looking at all such hectic situations, various companies have introduced GST software - which has a functionality to handle every single thing related to GST such as, GST return filing, Tax Invoice, Accounting, etc.

GST has subsumed around 17 taxes in the year 2017 and now this is the only tax in India. GST registration is not a single thing which a taxpayer has to do, once the registration is done, the taxpayer has to look after its monthly and periodically filing, manage its accounts, look after the deadlines for tax payment and filing and many more. And to manage all this stuff, GST software is introduced. But what are the major points that you need to have in your GST software? So let us understand the 5 features which you need to look after while choosing a GST software for your business.

Features of GST software


It is not only that you have to secure your company from outside, but there are also terms that you have to keep confidential. Such terms cannot be spout off, and when it comes to your accounting and taxes, you have to be sure of the security. The GST Network does not allow any GST software provider to save any part of the consumer data, it is counted as an offense. Filing data should always be stored directly on the GST Network.

Always make sure that the Online GST software is providing enough security to your data and does not share it with anyone. Many such cases have occurred where the data was hacked by someone and asked the software users for payments, which was a drastic situation for the users. Therefore you need to keep in mind that the software is trustworthy.


There are various entities that have already started using a system for managing the firm, which is also known as ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software, and they will not be satisfied to use another software separately. Therefore you have to look after such GST software which can be integrated with the existing software and the company can use both of them.

Along with this, the GST software should be liable to calculate and add GST to your invoice automatically. You don’t have to complete such a procedure manually.

Multi-Platform Adaptability

As per the GST Act, there is no possibility that any of the taxpayers are relieved with the taxation procedure. They have to follow everything related to the GST tax. In case anyone fails to do so, they will have to pay a penalty for the same. And when it comes to a company, it can surely affect the companies reputation. Therefore it is necessary that the GST software you purchase is liable to access on every platform. It should work on every platform such as Mobile Phones, Desktop, Laptops, Tablet, etc.

Support System

It is not necessary that you will understand the software in one go, it is possible that various issues can occur while operating it. Therefore you need to look for software which is having a great support system. They should be available for the customers, in case any query occurs from the customer's end then they should resolve it as soon as possible.

Easy User Interface

Even though the entire world has accepted the digital industry but there are also such people who are not able to use upgraded technologies properly. And the software which is difficult to understand can also waste the time of a business person. Therefore, you have to look for such software that provides a great User Interface and can be managed by anyone.

There are few more features which should be in build in your GST software, they are mentioned below:

  • Gst software should provide a service where you will be getting regular notifications related to new updates, filing deadlines, etc.

  • Online as well as Offline services should be there in the GST software, even if you are not in an internet connection then also you should be able to do the work properly.

  • GST software should connect to the GSTN (Goods and Services Tax Network).

  • The GST software should have account accessibility which means, once it is connected to the bank it should show the bank related details, by which you do not have to switch and use two different software.

It is necessary to have an advanced GST software with necessary tools and smart features. It should improve your business by tracking and managing your expenses. It is difficult to get real-time updates from anywhere, but GST software helps us to be updated anytime.

So while choosing a Billing software you need to make sure that you look after all the above-mentioned features and then go for it. Because for a Smart business you need to make a smart choice.

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