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What is a Private Limited Company (Pvt Ltd)?

A Private Limited Company is a privately held small business entity. The liability of members of a private limited company is limited to the number of shares held by that member. A private limited company is governed by Companies Act,2013. Minimum number of shareholders required to start a private limited company is two while the upper limit of members is 200 in accordance with the Companies Act,2013.

If a private limited company faces financial risk, its shareholders are not liable to sell their individual assets i.e. they have limited liability. There must be minimum two directors and maximum 15 directors for a private limited company and a director must be 18 years above in age. A foreign national can become a director of private limited company India.

It is compulsory to add private limited (pvt ltd) to the name of a private limited company India. Minimum paid up capital amount for a private limited company is Rs. 1 Lakh. A private limited company keeps on existing even in the case of death or bankruptcy of its Members.


Free Consultation and Documentation

Our Expert team resolve your queries. Our consultation is completely free.

Action Required by you

You Need to fill up the draft, Make Payment and Submit Documents to LegalDocs

Action By Legaldocs

Once the Documents are uploaded we'll start the step -by-step process of Incorporation

Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signature certificate also known as DSC is used to sign the document digital insted of traditional signature. DSC is necessry for incorporation. With set of documents or with aadhar based e-kyc DSC can be obtained. All directors of company should have DSC.

Action Required by you

You need to share the OTP for e-KYC during DSC

Action By Legaldocs

Once the Documents are uploaded we'll start the step -by-step process of Incorporation

Director Identification Number

Director Identification number or DIN is allocated to each and every director who has formed company. Without DIN, incorporation is not possible.

Action Required by you

You sit Back and Relax

Action By Legaldocs

We'll take care of the whole process in swift manner.

Name Approval

Name Approval or Name Reservation is the process to reserve unique name through Submission of RUN form (Reserve Unique Name)

Action Required by you

You need to sit Back and Relax, In case of Rejection in the names given by you, you need to suggest alternate names.

Action By Legaldocs

we'll take care of End-to-End Name Reservation Process

MOA, AOA and Incorporation

Memorandum of Association, Article of association and incorporation process will be initited upon sucessful name reservation.

Action Required by you

Need to Sign few Drafts and affidavits as in when required.

Action By Legaldocs

Once the Name is approved we'll do the incorporation, MOA and AOA process.

Company Incorporated

Congratulation, your company is incorporated Sucessfully.

Action Required by you

You can Start your Business, also you can start application for your business bank account.

Action By Legaldocs

We'll Dispatch the Documents, DSC on your Given Address, Also we'll for PAN and TAN

Documents required for Private Limited Company Registration

Documents required For the registration of Private Limited Company you need to provide the following mentioned documents:

  • Share capital amount and proposed ratio for holding share.
  • A short description of the company and the business.
  • Name of the city where the registered office of the company is located.
  • Ownership and sale deed (In case your own premise).
  • Identity proof of the Directors and Shareholders (PAN Card).
  • Address proof of the registered office (Electricity bill, telephone bill etc.)
  • Address proof of the Director or the Shareholder (Voter ID, Passport, Driving license etc.)
  • A duplicate copy of the latest electricity bill, telephone bill, or mobile bill for directors.
  • Occupation details of directors as well as shareholders.
  • Email address of the directors and shareholders.
  • Contact details of directors and shareholders.
  • Passport size photo of directors and shareholders.
  • In case the property is on rent then you need to submit a copy of rent agreement with No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the landlord.
  • Affidavits for non- acceptance.
  • NOC for a change in the original subscribers of MOA.
  • MoA and the AoA subscriber sheets.
  • PAN Card of the company.
  • In case you are a foreign national subscriber then you need to provide Nationality proof.

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Entity Comparison Guide

MembersMaximum 12-202- Unlimited2-2001
Legal Status of EntityNot Considered as separate Legal entityNot Considered as separate Legal entityConsidered as separate Legal entityConsidered as separate Legal entityConsidered as separate Legal entity
Members LiabilityUnlimited LiabilityUnlimited LiabilityLiability of its members is limitedLimited to the extent of share capitalLimited to the extent of share capital
RegistrationNot CompulsoryOptional/ Can be Registered under partnership Act 1932Registered Under MCARegistered Under MCARegistered Under MCA and Companies Act 2013
Transferability OptionNot AllowedNot AllowedCan Be TransferredCan Be TransferredAllowed to only one person
TaxationAs in Individual30% of Company Profit30% of Profit Plus CESS and Surcharges applicable30% of Profit Plus CESS and Surcharges applicable30% of Profit Plus CESS and Surcharges applicable
Annual FilingsIncome Tax Returns with the Registrar of companiesIncome Tax Returns with the Registrar of companiesFiled with the registrar of the companyFiled with the registrar of the companyFiled with the registrar of the company

Private Limited Company Benefits

  • Limited liabilities
    The liability of the members of private limited company is limited to their share only as the private limited company is separate legal entity. Limited liabilities means the individual do not have to spend their personal assets for the payment of the liabilities in the firm.
  • Legal entity are separate
    One of the significant benefits that accompany private limited company is that the organization is a different lawful element according to the law. Because of this difference the individuals from private limited company are responsible just for the activity attempted by them and not by different individuals.
  • Easy to form
    It is very easy procedure to form or start a Private limited company. As compared to the formation of public sectors the process is very simple.
  • Funds
    Private limited company can borrow funds from the debentures as well as the shareholders. Banking and other financial organization provide assets on higher bases rather than other public sectors.
  • Several Tax advantages
    A private limited company enjoys more tax benefits than public sectors. Here the company pays corporation tax and gets rid from paying higher taxes.
  • Get several opportunities
    In public sectors you might not receive any such legal entity as compared to the private limited companies.
  • Go internationational
    Private limited company are the only type of companies which allows for Foreign Direct Investment as other firms or sectors require appropriate licensing and approval from the government for foreign investments.
  • Existence
    Private limited company has lifetime existence.
  • Tangibility
    Private limited companies are tangible in terms of relation with the shareholders.

Requirements for initiating Private Limited Company

There are few requirements to be known about before initiating a Private Limited Company in India.

  • The Private Limited Company should have a unique name for it which will not be equivalent to any other registered trademark.
  • It is mandatory for a Private Limited Company to have a minimum two directors.
  • As well as it is necessary to keep in mind that the Private limited company should have a minimum of two shareholders.
  • All members of Private Limited Company should have a digital signature which will be utilized to register a Private Limited Company.
  • There should be 1 lakh rupees minimum capital done for initiating a Private Limited Company.
  • The process of registering a Private Limited Company is simple, make sure that you have a unique name for your company which will surely help you for quick registration.
  • You must avoid any offensive name for your Private Limited Company.

Features of Private Limited Company

  • A Private Limited Company does not hold any relation with the public, they are not allowed to ask for any sort of deposit from the public or public sectors.
  • In a Private Limited Company, people are not allowed to transfer shares, which can help to prevent the takeovers of small Private Limited firms from big Public companies.
  • It is mandatory for every Private Limited Company to use “” after their name.
  • A Private Limited Company can consist of 200 members at a time.
  • The private limited company is very easy to accommodate.
  • Mentioning everything in Memorandum.
  • Private Limited Company is a legal entity which is established under Companies Act 2013.
  • A Private Limited Company has a never ending existence mean they have no effect if partners changed or died or any such circumstance took place.
  • Private Limited Company has to pay corporate tax.

What is included in Our Company Registration Package?

2-Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)2-Director Identification Number (DIN)Company Name Approval By Ministry
Articles of association(AoA)Registration CertificateMemorandum of association (MoA) &
Tax Account Number (TAN)Permanent Account Number (PAN)

Private Limited Company Registration FAQs

For a small business, what are the benefits of a Private Limited Company?

It makes small business to grow and get loans on it. It also helps to get many other benefits for the business. How to form a private limited company Two or more people are eligible to form a Private Limited Company. There should be a minimum to directors and two shareholders of the company, the directors of the company can become the shareholders as well.

Is there any qualification to become a director or shareholder in a Private Limited Company?

Anyone can become a director or a shareholder of the company and there is no specific qualification required for becoming the director of the company.

What is Director Identification number?

Director Identification Number is issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Proof of identity and address is required to be submitted along with requisite fee while submitting the application for DIN.

What are the responsibilities of a director?

The directors have been endowed with the obligation of dealing with the organization in the best productive way. The duty of a director relies on the sort of directorship he holds in the organization. For example, an official chief or an overseeing director has more noteworthy obligation than a non-official director who may hold the directorship as a specialist or expert.

Is it allowed to change the registered office of a company after registration?

Yes, A company can change its registered office any time after following the specified procedure.

Is a private limited company suitable for making FDI in India?

Yes, the Private limited company is suitable for making FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in India.

What is the primary requirement for starting a Private Limited Company?

There should be minimum 2 directors and 2 shareholders in a private limited company. The Maximum number of members in a Private limited firm should be maximum 200 members. No governmental recommendation regarding the Minimum Paid-up Share Capital required for incorporation of a private limited company anywhere in entire India, as per the latest Companies (Amendment) Act of 2015. The mandatory requirement of getting the certificate for business commencement has also been repealed by this Amendment Act of 2015. Xerox copies of the PAN Cards of the Directors/Shareholders (Indian Nationals) or Copy of Passport (Foreign Nationals). DINs (Director Identification Numbers) and DSC (Digital Signature Certificates) of the Directors.

What is the general procedure of incorporating a Private Limited Company?

Provide your information through a simple form and submit your documents on our website to obtain Digital Signature Certificate(DSC) and Director Identification Number(DIN). LegalDocs will apply for name approval of the company from the relevant authorities and file with Registrar of Companies the relevant documents. Incorporation of your company will be handled by us and certificate along with PAN, TAN, DSC will be delivered to you in the comfort of your home.

What is Limited Liability protection?

Limited liability helps you to become legally responsible for limited amounts or liabilities. So, liability shares can only be shared and distributed among themselves. No public sectors are allowed to involve in this.

What is authorized capital of Private Limited Company?

The minimum required capital for initialization of Private Limited Company is 1 lakh rupees.

Can a registered office be a residential area?

Yes, it is possible to use a residential property as a registered office of a Private Limited Company.

Can NRI and foreign nationals or foreign entities register a Private Limited Company?

Yes indeed, NRIs, foreign nationals, and remote substances can enlist an organization and put resources into India, subject to the Foreign Direct Investment standards set by the RBI. Be that as it may, joining rules in India require for one Indian national to be a piece of the organization on the Board of Directors.

How to select a name for my company?

The selected name should be unique and different which will help to complete the registration process with ease.

Can a foreign parent company incorporate a subsidiary in India?

Yes, foreign parent or holding Companies, including USA parent companies, can incorporate a subsidiary, as a 100% owned Private Limited Company in India subject to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Guidelines.

What are the FDI guidelines for foreigners in a Private Limited Company?

Foreign Direct Investment is allowed 100 % in India.

Is it mandatory for directors of the foreign company to take DIN?

It is not necessary for a foreign company to apply for DIN in India, but although it is necessary to get DSC for the director of the company.

What other registration is required for a Private Limited Company?

For Private Limited Company it is necessary to apply for other registration which is mentioned below:
Shop and Establishment license.
Register for value-added tax (VAT) before the Sales Tax Officer of the ward in which the company is located.
Professional Tax
Register for Employees Provident fund organization
Medical Insurance (ESIC)
Filing for government approval RBI/FIPB.

What are the types of Private Limited Company?

Company limited by shares.
Unlimited company.
Company limited by guarantee.

What are Memorandum and its contents?

Following are the memorandum and its contents:
Name Clause
Registered Office Clause
Object Clause
Association Clause
Capital Clause
Liability Clause

What can be the minimum paid-up capital of Private Limited Company?

The minimum paid-up capital of Private Limited Company is 100000 rupees (One Lakh)

What is Director Identification Number?

Any individual seeking for the directorship of the company needs to apply for Director Identification Number.

What are the responsibilities of the Director?

The director holds the responsibility to manage the company in a most efficient manner. As well as he should have the leadership quality as well as he should know about his responsibilities.

Can a registered office be changed from one state to another?

The registered office of the company with the same state can be done by just giving the notice within 30 days. Yes, the registered office of the company can be shifted from one state to another by following the specified procedure.

What is the tentative period for incorporating a Private Limited Company?

It depends on the documents required, the authenticity of documents submitted by the director/shareholder, the processing time required for filing forms, the time is taken by the concerned government authorities to may range from one to two weeks.

What is Digital Signature?

A Digital Signature is the advanced code made to affix them to computerized reports and demonstrating square with a specialist as the written by hand signature. DSC approves the validness of the signature.

Can One Person Company be converted into Private Limited Company?

Yes, One person company can be converted into Private Limited Company. Do, I need to be physically present during the process? There is no necessity for an individual to be present at the location while registration because the entire procedure is done online.

How much time is needed for setting up a Private limited company?

If you provide every document in order then it will hardly take two weeks for the completion of the procedure.

Is it necessary to have a company’s book audited?

Yes, a private limited company must contract a reviewer, regardless of what its incomes. Truth be told, a reviewer must be selected inside 30 long stretches of the fuse. Consistency is vital with a private restricted organization, given that punishments for resistance can keep running into lakhs of rupees and even prompt the boycotting of chiefs.

Can a salaried person become the director of the Private Limited Company?

Yes, a salaried person can become the director in private limited.

A private limited company is called a separate legal entity? Why?

An organization is a legal entity and like an alternate individual built up under the Act. It is dealt with as an alternate individual which can claim a property and have obligations or banks. The individuals (Directors/Shareholders/) of an organization have no risk to lenders of an organization for a situation organization cant pay the obligations.

Who can set up a Private Limited Company?

Any person of any nationality may register a private limited company:
They are not an undischarged bankrupt.
They have not been restrained by court order.
They are not subject to UK government restrictions.

After registering my company, does it means my trademark is also protected?

No, the incorporation of a Private Limited Company is different from the trademark registration. You need to register your trademark for protecting it.

Can anyone become the company director?

Yes, as per the companies act on anyone or any individual can become the director of the company.

How will LegalDocs help in Privately limited company registration?

LegalDocs will help as well as assist you for the registration of Private Limited Company with ease.

Do I need to set up an office before starting a Private Limited Company?

No, it is not necessary to set an office before setting up a private limited company. You can also initiate with your residential address with every required proof.

Is it possible for two foreign nationals to register a private limited company in India?

Yes, two foreign nationals can register a private limited company in India.

Can you define Start - up India initiative?

This campaign was first announced by Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi during his 15 August 2015 address from the Red Fort, in New Delhi. Later on January 16, 2016, the Government of India formally launched the Start-Up India initiative celebrating the entrepreneurship spirit of countrys youth to unveil the Start-Up Action Plan. Start-Up India programme ensures the governments support to the people who want to revolutionize Indias massive consumer industry with creative ideas and products promoting Make in India policy of the government.

What is authorized capital?

Authorised Capital is the maximum ceiling limit of the capital up to which a Company can issue shares and collect money from its shareholders. The authorized capital can also be enhanced by passing a resolution at a meeting of the shareholders.

What is the Private company limited by shares?

This means that the company is owned by shareholders. The liability of each shareholder is limited to the original value of the shares issued to them.

What is a private company limited by guarantee?

When a private company is limited by guarantee, it has members who act as its guarantors. These members contribute a previously agreed amount to support the company in times of trouble.

What are the income advantages in the Private limited company?

With limited liabilities, you will be eligible to get several tax benefits for this. With the company paying Corporation Tax on taxable profits, you may be protected from higher income tax rates yourself.

What is the characteristic of the private limited company?

The characteristics of Private Limited Company are mentioned below:
There should be minimum 2 members and maximum amount of members should be 200.
There should be limited liability used while initiating Private Limited Company
There should be 2 directors and 2 shareholders.
The minimum paid-up capital should be 1 lakh rupees.
Is it mandatory for every Private Limited company to use Pvt. Ltd?
Yes for every private limited company it is necessary to use Pvt. Ltd. after the name.

Is there any disadvantage to Private Limited Company?

It takes 7 to 15 days in total to register a company. Every particular thing has advantages as well as the disadvantages, there are few disadvantages of Private limited company such as limited liabilities are uses, restrictions of shares.

What is the Time required to register a company?

It takes 7 - 15 days for total registration process.

Who owns Private limited company?

Private limited company is owned by an individual or the members of the company.

Is it compulsory to register a Private Limited Company?

As per the Companies Act 2013, the companies which come under this term needs to register themselves as a Private Limited Company.

How do I legally register my Private limited company?

LegalDocs will help you to register your Private Limited Company.

What is the difference between OPC & Private limited company?

One Person Company (OPC) has been recently introduced in India to promote business enterprises that are owned and managed by a single Entrepreneur. Corporate entities like Limited Liability Partnership, Private Limited Company and Limited Company require two or more people to partner.

Can directors be personally liable in a limited company?

Director is not personally liable in a Private limited company.

Are directors liable for debts?

As a director you may be personally liable for the losses and personal debts.

What is director’s loan?

A Directors Loan is when you take money from your Company that isnt a salary, dividend or expense repayment and youve taken more than youve put in.

Can I open my own private limited company while working in other private limited company as employee.?

Yes, it is possible to open a Private limited company, but you need to make sure you have enough money and other requirements for this.

What is limited in private limited company?

Limited in Private limited company means that you have limited liability in a Private Limited Company.

How do I register my Private limited company?

LegalDocs will help you to register your Private Limited Company.

Can a Private limited company give loan to directors?

No, a Private Limited Company cannot give loans to anyone as per the sub- section 1 of section 185.

Can Private limited company accept loan from outsiders?

The Private Limited Company is restricted to take loans from any outsiders or any Public limited company.

What are the advantages for starting a private limited company?

There are various advantages for starting a Private Limited Company, they are mentioned below:
Limited liabilities are required for initiating a Private Limited Company.
Initiating a Private Limited Company can be a trend these days.
Remove minimum capital required concept.

Can Private limited company give loan to individual?

Yes, a Pvt Limited company can give a loan however it would totally depend on the numbers of years you have been associated with the company.

Can Private limited company issue debentures?

Yes, a Private Limited Company can issue debentures.

Can NRI become director of a Private limited company?

Yes, NRI can become a director of a Private Limited Company.

Can an IAS officer run a Private limited company?’

Yes, an IAS officer can run a Private Limited Company. There are few IAS officers who are already running successfully.

Can Private limited company accept donations?

Not any Private Limited Company can accept deposit from the customers.

Can same person become director of two different Private limited company?

Yes, an individual can become director of two different Private Limited Company.

Do we need minimum investment of 1 lakh rupees for registering a Private limited company?

Yes, the minimum capital for registering a Private limited company is 1 lakh rupees.

Can anyone buy a Private limited company?

Yes, it is also possible to buy a Private limited company.

Can I form a Private limited company from my home?

There are several good decision took under the Companies Act 2013, and they have also mentioned that it is possible to form a Private Limited Company at home itself.

Can any individual lend money to Private limited company?

No, as per the rules only, company can lend money to any company.

Can Private limited company get loan from NRI?

Yes, a Private limited company can accept loan from NRI.

Which is the best portal for online private limited company registration?

LegalDocs is the best online portal for private limited company registration.

Who controls a private limited company?

The Private limited company is controlled by the directors and the shareholders of the company.

Can directors be personally liable in private limited company?

If you are director then you are not personally liable for paying company debts.

What is India limited company?

A India limited company is a limited company incorporated under Companies Act 2013.


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