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FoSCoS FSSAI License Renewal

FSSAI regulates these businesses under the guidelines and regulations listed in FSSAI Act 2006. If you own a food business or are working in the food business you need to have obtained FSSAI license. Most of the people don’t know that FSSAI License renewal is equivalently significant as that of getting the FSSAI License. An FSSAI License is needed to renew in its validity period itself. Any entrepreneur who desires to start a business in the food sector, be it food processing or food manufacturing, packaging or distributing, has to file for FSSAI along with its renewal every 1-5 years.

Who Needs A FoSCoS FSSAI License Renewal?

The Following people should go for a FSSAI License Renewal:

  • Every running business who has taken a Food license in the previous year.
  • Business whose food license is about to expire need to renew his license
  • If any Food Business fails to renew the license, and is still running the business then it's illegal to run the business and can face a penalty.
  • For eg: If your FSSAI Renewal is due for June’21, you can apply for a renewal on Jan’21 itself to ensure smooth working of your food business for the next 2 years.


Following is the list of documents required for FSSAI Renewal. The Documents required vary depending on the type of food license/ registration. Along with document it is very essential to have FSSAI portal login id and password to renew the food license.

FSSAI Portal Login ID and Password.

No Document is Required while Renewal of FSSAI. In case of modification in current application, Documents are required.

Duly Completed Form B

Declaration Form

Form IX (For Companies only)

FSMS Plan And Audit Report

FSSAI Portal Login ID and Password

How to Apply for FoSCoS FSSAI License Renewal

Follow the simple steps to apply for FoSCoS FSSAI License Renewal

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Validity & Renewal

After approval of the food License from FSSAI usually, it is issued with a validity of 1 year- 5 years. As determined by the FBO from the date of issue of registration or license directed to the enclosure of the fee applicable for the time and agreement with all provisions of the license. Before expiry, the license can be renewed for 1 year to 5 as the case may be, not later than 30 days before the expiry date shown in the license years based on the needs of the license holder. Any renewal application filed exceeding the period mentioned after the expiry date shall be followed by a late charge of ₹ 100 per day for each day of delay.

Steps for Food License Renewal Procedure

Step 1 of 5

The very first step of FSSAI license renewal is to fill the Form A (Basic FSSAI Registration) or Form B (Central or State FSSAI registration) following the previous license along with the self-attested documents as mentioned under the guidelines of Food Safety and Standards Act, Regulations/Laws. We can help you out in the compilation of all the documents required for FSSAI License renewal.

On receipt of the filled FSSAI License renewal application the authority will inspect it.

The authority must send its responsible officers to lead the examination of the FBOs.

FSSAI officer conduct a full probe and inspection of the Place of Food Business and completely inspects the standards and other guidelines about your food business and form its report.

FSSAI/Food license is expected to be circulated within 60 days by the proper authority. What if you don’t receive any reply from the authority side even after 60 days, then you can keep working your food business without waiting for any reply.

Types Of Renewal Of Food License

There are 3 types of renewal licence-

Basic FSSAI License Renewal

It is appropriate for all FBO under basic registration having turnover is less than ₹12 Lakh

State FSSAI License Renewal

The State FSSAI license renewal is available for all FBO whose Turnover is within ₹12 Lakh- ₹20 Crore. The renewal fee depends upon the sort of food business and the validity of the license.

Central FSSAI License Renewal

If the food business operator has a turnover of higher than Rs. 20 crore then they come under FSSAI Central License. Additionally, they have to receive a Central FSSAI License Renewal before the expiry of their validity.

Benefits of issuing an FSSAI Renewal Licence

  • Fresh concept is created that can bring improvement to your safety standards and assist you in reaching the benchmark of international organizations all thanks to FSSA act and FSSAI authority.
  • It gives you all the laws and department control by a single access point.
  • It will give your customers some confidence seeing that your brand or business is FSSAI registered, and it will make it more comfortable for them to trust your business with the spirit of goodwill.
  • As the buyer, you believe that the food you are consuming is licenced as well as safe to consume quality food.
  • The most important part is that the fssai renewal has the legal advantage that the proceeding in the licence is done under the various inspections and examinations. Then only the application is forwarded for approval.
  • Moreover, the license can also make it more relaxed for you to go for business expansion, this will be feasible for getting a state or central licence.

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What is the validity after renewal of food license?

Validity is for a period of 1 to 5 years as chosen by the Food Business Operator.

What is food license renewal Fees?

Food License renewal fees depends on 2 factors 1. Type of license 2. Number of years. Fees can be Rs 100 to Rs 7500 for one year depending on the type of license.

When Can I start renewal process of my fssai license?

FSSAI License renewal process can be started 120 days prior to expiry, if your license is expiring on 30th april 2018 then you can start then renewal window opens on 1st jan 2018.

What is the penalty if license is gone beyond renewal ?

Its 100 rs per day is the late fees which you have to pay by challan at the time of the payment.

My food license is expired, what should I do?

Please apply for new license, as once the license is expired it not available in renewal window.

How many Days are required for the renewal of the license?

Basic Registration can be renewed within 7 working days and for state license and central license will take 30 days. However you can continue doing business with existing license number if you have submitted the application.
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