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Gumasta License Registration Process

Gumasta License Registration Process

Scarce people are aware of Gumasta License. Let us know everything about it. Are you planning to start your new venture? Is your list ready such as business office, setup, plan, blueprint and many other things as well? As we all know starting a business is not at all easy it requires a clear-cut strategy, vision, availability of all the requisites matching the plan and one busy to manage all the tip-toes mostly ignores the legal obligations and especially Gumasta License or keeps it aside for later. Though the business is it small or a big organization needs most of your time, but meeting and fulfilling the legal vows are essential too. If the same has been ignored or done later might result in vanishing your hard work in minutes. If your list of legal obligation and the certificate is ready or still preparing, then do not forget to add Gumasta License

Why is Gumasta License required?

For those who are unaware of what Gumasta License is; let’s take a quick view of the same. Gumasta License gives a legal authenticity and authorization for running the business through structural that is office or business layout. It is issued under Registration of Shops and Establishments and is made mandatory for all the business houses falling under Maharashtra Shops and Establishment Act.

Those who are coming with a new venture in Maharashtra needs to get this license through the respective governing body that is Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

What are the benefits of Gumasta license?

  • It gives you a proof of legal entity.

  • It will help you for the opening of a business bank account

  • Registered business under Maharashtra state with all government benefits

Before filling the form for Gumasta License, you must know the relevant documents in order to avoid any sort of delay for Gumasta license Online Registration.

To know what are the other documents check the following list based on the business type -

  • PAN card

  • Gumasta license fees

  • Address Proof – It can be anything from the following – Electricity bill, Non-Objection certificate, a copy of Sale Deed.

  • Business authority letter

  • Form A.

For partnership Business –

  • PAN card of the partnership firm

  • Partnership deed

  • Details of all partners such as name and address proof

For the Private company –

  • Certified Memorandum of Association

  • Certified Article of Association

  • List of directors with name and address proof

  • Resolution letter in the name of the respective signing authority

Charitable trust – Trustee name and certificate

Cooperative society – Registration copy

Bank - a copy of Reserve bank of India permission

Above is the complete list of documents required for Gumasta license Online Registration on the basis of the company type.

Gumasta license Online Registration

So, you must have all our documents ready and the Gumasta forms then what are you waiting for? Now there is no need for you to stand in the long queues in the Municipal offices holding a bunch of documents and rolling from one table to other. The reason behind this is the introduction of Gumasta license Online. Let’s check out the process -

  • Visit the website

  • Once the window opens you will get an option Citizen Service button, click on it then click to switch to Shops and Establishment tab.

  • This will take you to another fresh tab, here click “Apply for Registration” and further click on “More”

  • After selecting more, you will come across a number of options where you need to select last option “Shop and Establishment Registration”. Then select on “Add” for re-filling the form.

  • Once the form is filled with necessary details and the relevant documents; you need to enter the “Challan Number”. Or else you can pay the Gumasta License Fees online as well.

Note - “Challan Number” – after paying the fees at the bank, you will be provided with a number that will be “Challan Number”.

  • Click on “Submit” button; if everything goes right a UTN number will be provided to you.

  • The final step is to take the print of the form and the documents; for this, you need to click on “Print” Option.

Check your application status of Gumasta license registration –

  • Visit

  • Go to “Citizen Portal” and then click on “Check Status”.

  • Enter the UTN number which was provided during registration –

  • The status will be one of the following – Under Scrutiny; Approved and Rejected.

Note – Do not worry if your form is rejected you can opt for checking the reason and can re-upload the same with necessary changes.

Once everything is submitted, all you need to do is waiting for the approval. The registration officer will do the needful that is registering your business in Establishment register and will further issue a registration certificate plus Labour identification number.

Things to keep in mind at the time of inspection to avoid going through the process again and any other chaos -

  • PAN card must be kept handy

  • Fixing of fire extinguisher is a must within the premises

  • The name of the business must be written in the Marathi language

Some Important facts about Gumasta License Registration –

  • How many employees are required for a company to go for Gumasta License Registration

Gumasta registration is compulsory for all those business houses that are having 10+ employees.

  • What is the validity of Gumasta License Registration?

Gumasta License is valid for a term of 1 year whereas the same can be carry forwarded for a period of 10 years.

  • How to extend the validity?

To increase the validity of Gumasta License, one needs to fill renewal application every year. Note – the application should be submitted prior to 30 days of expiry.

What is the process of Gumasta License Renewal?

Gumasta renewal is done every year by filling Gumasta License Renewal application and submitting to the concerned authority before 30 days of the expiry of the Gumasta License.

We at Legaldocs will make your work easy; why we are saying so? This is because we have a team of experts who are best in business that is getting your the Gumasta license in the simplest way without digging a hole in your pocket. We take it is our responsibility meet your legal vows on time.

Apply Gumasta License

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