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Partner with UberEats: How to Become a Restaurant Partner with UberEats

How to partner with UberEats:

Ubereats is an American online food ordering and delivering platform launched by Uber in 2014. Users can download Uber eats app or order from website. In India it was launched in May 2017 and believed to be growing at the rate of 50% every month and currently has 12000+ restaurants.

Procedure to partner with UberEats:

  • You have to visit the “Become a restaurant Partner” on ubereats India website.

  • There you will find a simple form where you have to fill up following information:

    • Location of the restaurant(City)

    • Restaurant Name

    • Zip or Postal Code

    • Title,First Name, Last Name

    • Phone Number,Email ID

    • Number of Locations

    • Type of Cuisine

    • Estimated weekly To-Go orders

    • Do you currently offer delivery?

  • After filling this information you have to click on Submit button and then a member of the Uber team will get back to you for further processing.

Benefits of partnering with UberEats:

  • Parent company of UberEats is Uber which is an established brand worldwide thus customers already trust Uber brand.

  • Increasing sales and lowering marketing costs is another important benefit of partnering with UberEats.

  • Faster Delivery of food is promised by UberEats which in turn makes customers happy and loyal to your restaurant.You can also track order until it reaches to customer.

  • With ubereats you can reach a wide range of customers than your current offline customers and increase your volumes and sales.

FSSAI License has been made compulsory for all the food businesses to operate in India. FSSAI has given a warning to all the online food ordering companies to de-list the restaurants who don’t have FSSAI license. If your business doesn’t have FSSAI License there is no need to panic. LegalDocs provides easy online procedure to get FSSAI License. You can submit the documents online through whatsapp or Email and get it delivered to your home.


UberEats is backed by Uber India, a globally recognised brand. If you are having a restaurant business get it listed on UberEats so that you can easily deliver food from your restaurant to your customers and serve them better.

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