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How to Create Online Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is required if your website or App gathers any kind of personal user information. Maintaining the privacy and security of your users information is of utmost importance and should always be taken care of.

Listed below are few things to be kept in mind before creating or writing your own privacy policy: 

  • Write your Privacy Policy in plain, easy-to-understand language.

  • Update your policy regularly to reflect changes in the law, in your business, or within your protocols. Notify users of these updates, and include the effective date with your policy.

  • Be transparent and remain true to your commitment to user privacy.

  • Make it clear and easy for users to update, change, or delete their personal information, as well as to opt-out of marketing communications.

  • Make your Privacy Policy accessible and easy to find.

How to Create Online Privacy Policy

Follow the 3 simple steps given below to create your Privacy policy Online

  1. Login to our website and visit the Form to access the online Privacy Policy generator.

  2. Fill in the details of your company, website, kind of information that you collect from visitors of the website/clients and few other questions to get privacy policy online.

  3. Our well-versed lawyers will work on drafting the Privacy Policy for you and a standard privacy policy for websites having all the required details will be ready for you to download.

Generate Privacy Policy

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