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How to Check FSSAI License Number Online

How to Check FSSAI License Number Online?

FSSAI the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India was established in 2006 under the Food Safety Act. FSSAI is made responsible for every food related activity in India. FSSAI is an authority to provide food license to every food related business in India.

The proficient decision is taken by the government where every food related business has to ensure that the products which they use are good enough and will not harm any of the consumers. They have to pass through a check, associated by FSSAI, where the authentication of the ingredients is done.

Every food related business should get a food license before initiating the business. The license includes a 14 digit FSSAI number which has to be printed on the product after registration. There are three Types of FSSAI License - Basic (Annual turnover is below 12 lakh), State (Annual turnover exceeds 12 lakh rupees and below 20 crores), Central license ( Annual turnover exceeds 20 crores). FSSAI License can be made for 5 years, later on, you need to renew the license by providing appropriate FSSAI license documents and paying FSSAI license fees.


What is meant by FSSAI License Number?

The FSSAI number is a 14 digit number that gives all the record  to the FSSAI authorities. This number is partitioned into 5 sections.

  • First digit - reflects whether the business is registered or not.

  • Second & third digit - Are for state code.

  • Fourth & fifth digit - Tell the year in which the business was enrolled or enlisted.

  • Sixth, seventh & eight digit - the quantity of enrolling master is reflected.

  • Nine - Fourteen - Are the maker's permit number.


Things to keep in mind about FSSAI License Number


  • The 14 digit FSSAI License number acquired by the authority and its logo must be put on the packaged product. The shade of the logo and number showed will be conversely with the background if there should arise an occurrence of numerous units.


  • At the point when the importers import a product, they need to show the number of FSSAI along with name and address of the importer.

  • The measure of the letters and the numerals of the license number ought to be as endorsed in Food Safety and Standard (Packaging and Labeling) Regulation, 2011.

  • Showing the FSSAI logo and number on the item mirrors that the nourishment business administrator has a legitimate permit under the FSSAI Act, 2006.

  • The permit number ought to be put on the addresses of the various units on the mark of the item. Additionally, the quantity of the delivering organization should likewise be shown alongside the number.

  • A food business operator is engaged to put this logo and number just till the legitimacy of the license got by the Food Safety and Standards.

How to check FSSAI License Number Online step-wise?

FSSAI License Validity Check can be done in 4 simple steps, given below:

  1. Visit FSSAI License Number Check at LegalDocs website.
  2. Enter your 14 digits valid FSSAI registration no & search.
  3. You will receive a short description on the screen.
  4. Login and know the entire details of your FSSAI license status.

What FSSAI license number search will display?

FSSAI license search will help you to know the following details :

  • FSSAI Application Status - Active/Deactive

  • Your license number

  • Name of the manufacturer

  • Business type

  • Product list

  • Premise address

  • Food product

Checking your FSSAI application status will help you to know every detail regarding your license.

Check FSSAI License Number Online

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