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FSSAI Application Status

FSSAI Application Status - How to check FSSAI Application Status?

How to Check FSSAI Application Status?

Looking to start a new business in manufacturing and selling food products? If yes, you need to know about FSSAI registration and licensing. FSSAI registration is a mandatory compliance used to certify the quality and safety of food products that are sold in India. But what is FSSAI?

What is FSSAI registration?

For the purpose of certifying the food items, a governing agency called the Food Safety and Security Authority of India (FSSAI) came into existence. This step was taken by the government in order to ensure that the food products, sold within and outside the nation, go through certain quality checks based on scientific standards of food safety, thereby preventing instances of food adulteration and unsatisfactory products and also to enhance and maintain accountability among manufacturers. Hence, all manufacturers, traders and restaurants that are involved in the food business are required to apply for a food license and procure a 14-digit registration number which is to be printed on their food products.

What are the documents required for the license?

To apply for an FSSAI Registration and License, you need to keep in hand several FSSAI license documents which can be classified into three different categories depending on your business. 

Common Documents for All Licenses/Registrations

1. FORM-B duly filled in and signed ( FORM-A incase of FSSAI registration)

2. Photo and ID proof of the FBO. ( PAN Card and latest passport size photograph)

3. Proof of possession of premises (Land papers or Rental Agreement)

4. Articles of Association or Certificate of Incorporation or Partnership Deed, if applicable

5. A detailed list of all the food products the FBO will be manufacturing and handling

6. Food Safety System Management plan 

Additional Documents for State License

1.  Plan of the entire processing unit showing the dimensions and operation-wise allocation

2. Extensive list of all the machinery and equipment to be installed and used with the number and installed capacity

3.  Authority letter from manufacturer nominating a responsible person with his/her name and address

4. NOC and a copy of the license from manufacturers 

Additional Documents for Central License

1. Analysis report of water from a well-established private or government health laboratory in order to confirm that the water is potable.

2. IEC (Import Export Code) issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade

3. Pesticide Residue Report for water units engaged in manufacturing mineral or carbonated water

4. Sources of all the raw materials used such as milk or meat etc.

5. Proof of annual turnover, if required

6. Certificate from the Ministry of Tourism

7. Vehicles turnover proof, if applicable

How to Apply for FSSAI License Online?

  • FBOs can now easily apply online for FSSAI registration or license through an online application system.

  • Access FSSAI’s official website - Enter your location and check eligibility criterion for State or Central License. Based on turnover, select State or Central License, whichever is applicable.

  • When the page opens, click on ‘Sign-up’ for the eligible license.

  • A sign-up form will now appear. Fill in all of your personal details. REMEMBER: The email-id and mobile number you fill in for sign up must be valid and in use. Create a unique username which is not already registered with the site.

  • Create a strong password. After filling up the form, click on ‘Register’ to complete the sign-up process.

  • After the account has been activated, you will also get a sign-up success confirmation through SMS and e-mail.

  • NOTE – The user id is valid for only 30 days so ensure that you apply online within 30 days or else your user id will be disabled.

  • Sign in to the account that you created and fill up the online FSSAI Registration ApplicationForm. 

  • NOTE – Make sure you have with you all the relevant documents that are required for the application. Also, ensure that you complete the entire form in one sitting or else the form goes to incomplete tab.

  • After filling the application, take a printout before you click ‘Submit’.

  • Note down the reference number generated. You will need this to track your FSSAI application status.

  • Present the printout of the application form to the Regional/State authority with the necessary documents within 15 days of making the online submission. 

Step to Check the FSSAI Application Status

Now that you have presented the filled up form along with the required documents to the governing authority, you can check your FSSAI application status with the help of the following steps - 

Steps to check the Submitted Application Status

The following are the steps to check the FSSAI status after the application has been submitted-

Step 1 – The first step is to go to the official website of FSSAI

Step 2 – Once the website’s homepage opens, scroll down till you find ‘Track Application Status’

Step 3 – Enter the 17-digit Reference number provided to you when you first applied for the FSSAI License. Also, enter the Captcha Code given and click ‘GO’

Step 4 – After clicking on ‘GO’, the website will display the FSSAI Application Status. 

Steps to check the Completed FSSAI Application Status

The following are the steps to check the FSSAI status of a Completed FSSAI Application

Step 1 – Click on ‘Complete Application and on License/Certificate’ type and press ‘Search’ in order to run a license number search.

Step 2 - License registration number will be displayed on clicking ‘License/Certificate number’ if a license has been issued

Step 3 – To view the Acknowledgement Receipt, click ‘view’ on reference number.

Step 4 – For FSSAI Application Status, you will find another window titled ‘Detailed Report for State or Central Licenses Completed Application (s) form’. Here, under the application status, you will be able to view whether the license has been issued to you or not. If it has been issued, you will be able to see the issue date and validity period.

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