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What is Trade License

Trade License has introduced in India 40 years ago.

Trade license is the way to regulate specific business from a particular locality. It is issued by the State Government. A trade license is a permission to carry on a specific trade or business at the premises for which it has been issued.

It does not assures any kind of property ownership and not even allowed to do any other business rather than for which it is issued. It is made necessary for an individual to register this his new business and get a Online trade license for it.

The major objective of the trade licence is to reduce the people from making their residential area as their business location. The application must be made within 30 days of commencement of business.

Process of making Trade License


Submit the Enquiry Form :
Once you submit the trade license form to our team, they will call you within no time to know your requirement and will suggest the suitable documents required along with trade license application form.


Document Collect :
LegalDocs team will collect documents through mail, whatsapp whichever is comfortable for customer.


Application Preparation :
Application will be prepared from expert team, so that there will be no objection raised from Concerned authority.


Application and Follow Up :
Trade license application and follow-up headache is ours,You focus on your customers and business growth.


license Delivery :
Soft copies and hard copy of the license will be delivered to you on your mail and physical address respectively.

Documents required for Trade License Registration

Private Limited

Memorandum of Article & Association (with Form-32, Form-18 & Others) Lease Deed/Rent Agreement Fire NOC Excise NOC IRDA Permission
Certificate of trade-license Property Tax Receipt Rent Receipt Pollution NOC Drug NOC
IT Return Previous Trade License Food NOC Sarai NOC RBI Permission

Proprietorship / Trustee

Document of Proprietorship / Document of Trust Agreement Rent Receipt
IT Return Previous Trade License
Property Tax Receipt Lease Deed / Rent Agreement

Partnership Term

Partnership Deed Previous Trade License
IT Return Lease Deed/Rent Agreement
Property Tax Receipt Rent Receipt

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Benefits of Trade License Registration

  • When you have a business license or a trade license you will be liable to enjoy the rights of bragging it.
  • It helps to grow the prestige of the firm and attract the customers and investors in it.
  • It will help to maintain the personal finance & business finance separately, this process will help you to find the profits and losses in the business.
  • If damage or injury were to occur as a result of the business' actions or doings, your personal finances would not be at stake in any settlement; similarly.
  • Operating as a licensed business may provide you with access to certain groups that you would be unable to join or participate in if you operate under your personal name. Companies such as the better business bureau, investment groups, and other business-oriented organizations may not permit you to join if your company is not licensed.

Requirements for getting a Trade License

  • The applicant must be at least 18 years.
  • The business needs to be engaged legally.
  • There should be no criminal records founded for the applicant.

Which businesses needs Trade License certificate

  • All Food Serving Premises :
    Hotels, Restaurants, canteens, Malls, theaters, Clubs, bakeries and confectionery shops, Snack shops, Food stalls, Retailers and traders of goods, Daily need stores.
  • Service Trades :
    Barber shops, Cyber cafes, timber shops, all small medium scale industries, manufacturing units.
  • Manufacturing Units/ Industries:
    All the Manufacturing and processing units, Small and medium and large scale industries, Cafe’s.

What are different type Trade Licenses?

Different types

Type A Type B Type C
For all Food Serving Premises needs this type of license. Manufacturing and processing units where electrical power and machines are used such as milling units. High risk activities such and fireworks manufacturing, timber wood units.

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Trade License Registration FAQs

How long will it take for the entire process?

It will take two weeks for completion of this process and for receiving your license.

What is the period of Trade license renewal?

Trade licence renewal is done from 1st January to 31st March every year.

If the license has lapsed long ago, how can I recover from such conditions?

You need to provide the reason for this and pay the appropriate amount or due fees for it.

If I don’t get my Trade license what will happen?

Running an unapproved Trade is an offense. The concerned authorities may seize or lock your Trade business with or without prior intimation.

Can a license be suspended and how can it happen?

In the case, that the license holder is violating the license conditions and disturbance to neighbors or the environment.

What is KMC trade license?

Kmc trade licence means Kolkata municipal corporation trade license

What is BBMP trade license?

BBMP trade license is Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike trade license.

How is get trade license application form online?

You just login with LegalDocs website and get Trade license form online.

Please explain the way to apply trade license online?

Please visit Legal docs website which is the easiest way to apply for trade license online.

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